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HMS Granado

I saw this model of a sailboat with a separated structure in the museum very early. I want to try to make it this time

I have considered many schemes, and I have also considered making two docks corresponding to the construction of upper and lower hull structures, but I finally rejected this scheme

Since the decomposition position of the upper and lower floors is arc, and it is located under wale (this can cover the gap after combination), it is impossible to use the two docks

We have also considered several rib structures decomposed up and down

Finally selected dock structure

Starting to make ribs and using electric tools will greatly improve work efficiency

The keel should also be separated

With the notches on both sides, the installation position of the frame can be calibrated

Start making ribs

Make a small tool that can easily polish the interior of the ship

Start No. 2

Make measurement template

Positioning template for bow

Complete the inner hull

gauge altitude

Measure the outline of the compartment

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